Syrian Biennale

Roots en route.

Since the ongoing conflict in Syria, cultural activities have only taken place under very limited conditions, if at all. The ongoing stagnation of Syria’s art scene affects its artists and cultural producers, who are unable to take part in cultural events and present their work within frameworks common in other countries around the world.

With this in mind, coculture aims to create a Syrian Biennale in exile – Syrian Biennale is going to be a mobile exhibition following the path of Syrian refugees from Lebanon to Europe and beyond. Syrian artists – those exiled and still inside the country – will be invited to participate alongside an equal number of international and local artists from the respective host country. The project aims not only to make Syrian culture more visible, but also to promote cultural exchange and strengthen global cultural networks.

New project!

This project has just recently been initiated. Come back to this page in the future to check on its progress.

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Anna Banout

project manager

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