Syria Cultural Index

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The Syria Cultural Index is an online network of the global Syrian artistic community.

A website that functions as a gallery to showcase art works; as a resource for opportunities and support; as a global network of artists, art professionals and institutions; as an online space for collaborations and exchanges; as a database and information portal.

The project is currently under development, it will go live in summer 2019.

Full narrative

If you want to know more about the Syria Cultural Index web platform, please have a look at our detailed narrative.

Selected features and functions

Rather than a detailed description the following list is an insight into a selection of features and by no means set or exhaustive.

  • Information and database access

  • Community building

  • Communication and collaboration tools

  • Career support

  • Event guide

  • Curated exhibitions

All involved parties (artists, art professionals and cultural institutions) will have their own profile page, which allows them to display their CV, work and personalized content. The profile information is added to a central database, that can be accessed by users for different purposes through an easy, user-friendly search function.
The platform serves as a network that helps to create a much-needed community of Syrian artists in exile. On the other hand, it provides analysis and mapping of Syria’s dispersed cultural scene and thus allows everybody interested to find this information online. Furthermore, it facilitates the design of future programmes targeting the real needs of the Syrian cultural community.
The platform will offer communication tools such as an integrated messenger and groups allowing and engaging the users to privately and/or publicly communicate, share content, give feedback, spread ideas and – most importantly – collaborate.

The platform will provide information about job offers and training opportunities, and help its users to further develop their professional growth, e.g. by hosting a programme that uses profile data to generate a professional biography and CV.

The platform will contain a list of Syrian events around the world; including information about cultural festivals, concerts, exhibitions and more.

Platform members can collect artworks and put them into their very own curations. These personal exhibitions together create a collective showroom, growing and changing over time. Curations section will contain features of liking and sharing their content and thus elevating the visibility of the artworks within the whole platform.

In addition, professional curators will be selected by coculture to put together group exhibitions with art works from the platform and based on pre-defined criteria; these exhibitions will be showed on- and offline.


  • June - December 2018

    Concept Development

    We are developing a detailed draft of the platform describing its functionality, structure as well as visual appearance.

  • January 2019 - end of 2019

    Platform implementation

    Programming, creating and campaigning the platform.

  • End of 2019

    Platform’s Launch

  • later ...

    Potential Future Extensions

    The SCI platform will be expanded in the future; to the MENA (Middle-East and North Africa) conflict zones and eventually globally.

Benjamin Glatte

project development

“If you have any questions regarding the Syria Cultural Index, feel free to contact me any time!"