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Many cultural producers with a forced migration background face problems when starting or continuing their professional career in a new country - not only due to social differences, but also due to the lack of know-how within a specific system.

Knowing all the obstacles from his own experience, Khaled Barakeh is conducting workshops at UdK (University of Arts in Berlin), introducing artists with a forced migration background to the German art scene and the systems within it. Inspired by this experience, he initiated Support the Supporters project, organized and operated by refugees themselves.

Support the Supporters is a career development programme tailored to the needs of Berlin-based art practitioners with a forced migration background, aiming to support their professional development through CoCulture’s resources and infrastructure.

As we believe in the importance of knowledge and skills sharing and want to ensure that the workshops are precisely customised to the personal needs and possibilities of each participant, Support the Supporters programme offers not only a space for the creation of one’s own initiatives and institutions, but also tangible solutions for their development.

Coming soon!

This project is currently under development, please check this space regularly for updates.

Michèle Brand

project development

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