Since 2011 Syrian culture has been dispersed in several ways: GEOGRAPHICALLY – within the Syria and outside its borders, RELIGIOUSLY – between sects and religious groups and POLITICALLY – between the different political stand points.

Syria’s culture is threatened not only by the ongoing destruction of its heritage and continuous human rights violations, but it’s also slowly eroding with the assimilation of Syrian cultural producers into their new surroundings. These traumatic times will impact the future global output of Syrian culture.


Coculture is a necessary response to the challenges that Syrian culture faces today. Through its activities, the association will support, empower and connect Syrian cultural producers around the world, making the Syrian cultural scene more accessible.

Mission & Focus

All of our activities and projects reflect the following beliefs.

  • Artistic networking & community building:

  • Integration

  • Diversity

  • Reconnection of social fabric

  • Counteraction to defragmentation and displacement

  • International accessibility

A space for cultural producers and institutions as well as artistic networks to connect and collaborate through resource and information sharing.
A platform for everyone to discover Syria through its rich culture and outstanding art scene; a contribution to a much-needed conversation around Syria’s media generated image.
We believe that an active exchange of varying viewpoints leads to a more creative and innovative thinking – and that’s why we work with people of different nationalities, genders, sexual orientations, religions, cultures and languages.

Connecting forcefully displaced artists with those who remain in Syria, using art facilitating a dialogue and generate a space for an experience exchange.

Counteracting the defragmentation and displacement of the Syrian identity, representing and preserving Syria’s cultural heritage beyond national borders.

Making the Syrian cultural art scene more accessible to the world and inviting international artists to enter the dialogue.

Who's involved?