Umbrella organization

coculture e.V., founded in 2017, is a Berlin based umbrella organization which completes its mission through the impact of its activities for and within the Syrian cultural scene.

Its main activity scheduled for the next two years is to create the online platform, Syria Cultural Index. Furthermore, coculture e.V. will realize additional projects, such as Syrian Biennale, Giving Spaces and others.

Organizational structure and work flow

  • Assembly

  • Board

  • Activities

  • Advisors

The assembly functions as the official representative of the coculture e.V. in all public and legal matters. Its focus is directed towards monitoring the association’s activities. The assembly meets annually to evaluate the project’s success, and based on the results, it will decide on future projects.

The assembly elects two board members. For each activity they hire and approve a group of experts, the Management Team, which then actually implements the project. While the Management Team is responsible for the day-to-day work, the board members will continue to supervise the activity’s development and plan it strategically. Therefore, the Management Team must report in regularly.

Each activity is managed by a project team. It consists of experts from different fields valuable to the respective activity, chosen and hired by the assembly.

For more information on the project’s different management teams, please visit the activity's page.

The assembly as well as the activities' teams will be supported by a group of advisors. As of now, a lawyer and a tax consultant are available for consultation.


Here you can download the statute of coculture e.V.:

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