Giving Spaces

Hives of cultural activity.

The Giving Spaces project is a response to the inhumane living conditions refugees face today – especially outside the European Union, they are forced to live in overcrowded camps, waiting for their homes to be rebuilt. By using Nader Khalili's sustainable EcoDome structures and traditional beehives houses in northern Syria as a reference, Giving Spaces will offer these people an opportunity to rebuild their houses themselves in a simple, cheap and environmentally friendly way.

In an initial project phase, a workshop will take place in Germany in which the participants will learn how to build the EcoDome. The first EcoDome will serve as an exhibition space, drawing attention to the project; then, it will be used as a cultural hub, an open space for artistic projects and collaborations.

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This project is currently under development. Come back to this page in the future to check on its progress.

Nader Khalili's EcoDomes

David Nichterlein

project manager

“If you have any questions regarding the Giving Spaces project, feel free to contact me any time!"