coculture Space

community curations

Our space is a modern minimalistic studio located in a vibrant and diverse Gesundbrunnen neighborhood in Mitte, situated within Lobe Block – a multi-use terrace building designed by a renowned architect Arno Brandlhuber – where we host variety of events reflecting on and engaging with topics relevant to coculture’s mission, from art exhibitions and artist residencies to music concerts, film screenings and public talks.

We see the space as a reflective spot for social interaction and a hub of creative processes, offering its infrastructure for various cultural production initiatives – preparation of projects, coworking and rehearsals space, hosting workshops and many more.

The space aims to become an active part of Berlin’s cultural scene through its diverse public events and activities supporting and empowering artists in exile and other underrepresented minorities.

We see the growth of the space as a collective process – besides the main program designed by coculture’s team, we want to invite the community to curate events focused on topics that matter to them.

We welcome our neighbors, collectives, artists, activists and everybody else to exchange influences, inspirations and knowledge through creative collaborations in a space free of exclusion or judgement and open to discussions and new perspectives. We aim to reach both new and old members of the city’s society, providing them with opportunities to grow, create and participate in coculture’s activities on a daily basis.

Coming soon!

This project is currently under development, please check this space regularly for updates.


Our light flooded studio is barrier-free and can be rented for events, workshops, co-working sessions and other formats. It comes furnished with desks and sofas, as well as projectors and a light and sound equipment.

The space consists of the ground floor (around 130m2 incl. kitchen) with 5m high ceilings, a 45 m2 mezzanine (incl. bathroom) and a garden outdoor space of 20 m2.


Marianna Liosi

project development

“If you have any questions regarding the Giving Spaces project, feel free to contact me any time!"