Syrian culture faces multiple threats today: Syrian citizens have been dispersed across the world, often facing harsh economic, social or psychological conditions.

To this, coculture is a necessary response to the challenges that Syrian culture. Through its activities, the association will support, empower and connect Syrian cultural producers around the world, making the Syrian cultural scene more accessible.


coculture e.V., founded in 2018, is a Berlin based umbrella organization, which completes its mission through the impact that is being generated by its activities for and within the Syrian cultural scene.

Its main activity in the next two years is to create the online platform Syria Cultural Index. Furthermore coculture will realize additional projects.


The assembly is a group of seven creatives representing different cultural and professional backgrounds, united in a belief that a collective spirit and the active exchange of varying viewpoints is crucial for the process of development of any innovation.

Dedicated to creative problem-solving methods, the team strives to improve the situation of artists in exile and enhance their visibility on the global scene.